That Fleeting Dalliance

Running under the street lights,

At this odd hour.

Looking up at the moonlight,

To look at my star.


You brought light to my life,

For one day that I knew you.

You made me want to be your wife,

Even though I barely knew you.


I loved the creases on your forehead,

When your smile touched your eyes.

I love the way you held my hand,

Giving me the feeling, you would never say goodbye.

I love the way I caught you looking at me,

And you would shyly blush it off.


But what I love the most,

Is seeing you click that picture of mine,

When you thought I didn’t know…


When we met for the first time,

There was that instant spark.

We forgot everything else,

And went on that walk.

We didn’t care who looked,

Or that it was becoming very dark.


The night under the stars,

Or the breakfast for dinner surprise.

Dancing in that bar at 12 in the night,

Or long chats we had from dusk till dawn.


When the light finally sneaked its way,

And made it to our eyes,

I saw your face drop,

Surely mirroring mine.


We didn’t want to move,

Didn’t want to go.

Sitting there right in front of you,

Was my haven, my home.


I don’t know what was my favourite,

From all those moments,

But one thing I can tell.

The beginning of the end

That fleeting dalliance,

For me,

Was an affair to remember…


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