It Was Like

She used to smile,

And jump around,

While making conversations,

With her friends.


Hand gestures,

Facial expression,

Changing every minute.


She had love,

She was filled with life.

Her happiness exuded,

To all those around.


Then one day,

A switch just clicked.


She wasn’t the same anymore,

Her love gave up,

Her friends screwed up.


She saw it all fall apart,

Like a broken heart,

She felt scattered.


She went through life,

With no purpose anymore.

Face so blank,

Eyes empty.


It was like,

The life was sucked out of her.

Joy, beaten to death.


She couldn’t be who she used to be.

Couldn’t be what others wanted to see.


She just wanted to run away and hide,

From the faces that criticize.


Was it all in her head?

Made up instead?


But she’s too far gone,

To break free.

From the jail,

That is her mind.



It’s So Funny

It’s so funny.

How you’re mind can spin,

A million thoughts in a second.

Yet can’t come up with an answer,

As to why you feel the way you feel,

About certain things.


It’s so funny.

How your heart races,

At the prospect of certain interactions.

Yet slows down, due to some circumstances,

But why does it beat so hard for something,

You know you’ll never have.


It’s so funny.

Your cheeks heat up, involuntarily,

Butterflies take refuge in your stomach,


Yet these feelings,

Are the best,

At times, the worst.


It’s so funny.

The words you have rehearsed in your mind,

Come out all scrambled.

When in the silence of your room,

You know what to say by heart…


This mind of ours,

This heart of ours,

Though a part of our body,

Works against us…


It’s so funny.

To think we ever had a chance,

Into fooling this heart otherwise,

Fooling this mind,

That’s oh-so-wise…


She’s been hurt before.

Not in a conventional way,

That one would believe.


Neither a heartbreak,

Nor an untimely death.

Neither a fallout,

Nor something you would think about.


Her thoughts haunt her,

Day in,

And day out.

What goes on behind those eyes,

No one knows what it’s about.


She never let anyone in,

To let them know the real her.

When she saw anyone come close,

She would demur.


No one knew why she was like that.

No one knew who she was before.

No one knows how it came to this.


The real reason?

Well, they were as different as the weather,

During all seasons.


She was never called beautiful,

Never given a compliment.

The eyes of those who passed by,

Never saw the goodness within.


We live in a world,

That adorns outer beauty.

Beauty seen through the eyes,

Only later leads to acknowledgement,

Of what’s inside.


When she spoke,

No one listened.

When she didn’t,

No one cared.


When she smiled,

She was ridiculed.

When she didn’t,

She was seen to be cruel.


A rollercoaster of emotions,

She felt inside.

Why the world had put her,

On this ride.


She figured it out.

A spectrum of sentiments,

Would do her no good.

So she cast it all away,

Like the innocence of childhood.


She never felt welcomed,

Always isolated by walls of her room,

The last vestiges of confidence,

Slipping away.


Those years of her life,

She never could get back.

The assault her mind did,

Onto that beautiful soul,

Could not be undone with just a few soothing syllables.


For what’s broken cannot be glued back together,

What’s hurt, cannot be forgotten.

What’s once told, cannot be unsaid,

If once gone,

Cannot be reborn.


In a world of Apple,

She felt like an Android.

In a world of texts and messages,

She still adored letters.


But this side of her never manifested.

She understood,

It would never be appreciated.


For who would want her to be their better half,

When she herself never felt whole.