It Was Like

She used to smile,

And jump around,

While making conversations,

With her friends.


Hand gestures,

Facial expression,

Changing every minute.


She had love,

She was filled with life.

Her happiness exuded,

To all those around.


Then one day,

A switch just clicked.


She wasn’t the same anymore,

Her love gave up,

Her friends screwed up.


She saw it all fall apart,

Like a broken heart,

She felt scattered.


She went through life,

With no purpose anymore.

Face so blank,

Eyes empty.


It was like,

The life was sucked out of her.

Joy, beaten to death.


She couldn’t be who she used to be.

Couldn’t be what others wanted to see.


She just wanted to run away and hide,

From the faces that criticize.


Was it all in her head?

Made up instead?


But she’s too far gone,

To break free.

From the jail,

That is her mind.



2 thoughts on “It Was Like

  1. She is normal
    Just going through
    A dark side

    Afraid to submit
    To pain she feel inside

    She could be a prisoner
    Traped in her own head

    Or maybe she is in phase
    Where she can evolve from her
    Younger self …….

    “She is learning and
    And learning is tough”

    I read your poem and some how got motivation to write the piece above written. So I wanna devote it to you….. Stay blessed and keep on learning…

    Liked by 1 person

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