For Yourself

Inner beauty is what matters,


Looks fade away after a while,




This sounds good on paper.

This sounds good coming out of a model,

It makes them look grounded.


Love at first sight,


Seeing her sway on the dance floor in that dress,



All these feelings,

Are amazing to read,

Amazing to hear.


But hear this,

Would you look at that slightly heavy girl

And say, “She’s going to find a great guy”?

Wouldn’t  you look at that curvy girl,

And think, “Wow she must eat a lot.”


Seeing that lean girl,

A thought may cross your mind,

“Does she ever eat ?”.

This thought may turn into words.

“Wow, she looks beautiful.”


“You’ve become thin”- seen as a compliment

“You’ve put on a bit of weight.”- just concerned.


People say, ‘we’re all insecure about our bodies’

Yet those who are size 2 can pull off a bikini,

Without having to think twice,

But those who are a size 16,

Can’t even imagine what it feels like to be in one.


You love to eat -explains the weight’

The model loves to eat- ‘wow, she’s just like us’

You struggle to eat greens, eyeing that pizza,

‘Should I, shouldn’t I’

She eats pizza all day,

Never even seen cellulite on her body.


Metabolism, a cruel thing,

Fast for some, slow as a snail for others.

Yet people don’t blame this.

People blame laziness, eating habits and what not.


We live in such a cruel society,

That has made us like this.

Fat being the bad word,

Thin being a compliment.


They say self-acceptance comes from within,

But what about facing those glares all day,

‘What does she think of herself’ look

When you’re out and about in shorts.


Lose the weight,

For yourself.

Get into that dress,

For yourself.

Because, if you do it for the society,

They’ll just find something else to hate…




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