I Tried

I tried to be myself,

And show you who I am.

My personality, with its many traits,

Showed you what I possibly can.


My horror movie craze,

My love for the cartoon.

Or every time I jumped in joy,

When I saw rain during the monsoon.


My love for quotes,

And tv shows dedication.

All my favourite books,

And music that had become an addiction.


You didn’t see it,

Thought I was weird.

That lunatic, you said,

No one would like her, you said.


Still persisted,

And showed my true self.

Thought, someone would come along,

Someone would adore it.


Waited long enough,

Started losing hope.

No one liked me for who I was.




You wanted a girl,

Who would scream at horror movies,

And cuddle up to you.

Wanted a girl,

Who was young at heart and laughed a lot,

But not someone childish.


Who was practical and successful,

Busy, but never busy enough for you.


You never wanted a girl like me,

No one does.


Now they wonder,

What happened to the spark in her eyes,

That was like fireworks.

What happened,

To turn it into a black hole.