Going Places

There a pieces of earth,

That are untouched.

There are sights,

That are unseen.


This vast domain in which we live,

Has beauties undescribable.

It has things to offer,

That are unimaginable.


Travel feeds the soul,

It makes you lose yourself,

And find yourself.


Going places,

Seeing faces,

Leaves behind traces to cherish for life.


I am in love with this world,

When I travel, I feel as a free as a bird.

I feel light,

When I am mid-flight.

I feel enlightened,

My future no more darkened.


So come on,

Lets go.

To a place you never know,

Which gives you a reason,

To let it all go…




Let It Rain

When the sky rumbles,

And it all goes dark,

No one likes it,

No one but me..


My smile glows,

Brighter than the lightening,

My heart blooms,

More colourful than the spring flowers outside.


I dance to the tipper-tapper,

I close my eyes to the only feeling,

That truly makes me happy.


I can’t stop, I can’t imagine,

Anything better.


I fell in love, I changed my mind,

I had found something at par,

Maybe even better.


It was all sunshine and rainbows,

Till it was not.

I faced my first heartbreak,

It left behind such an ache,

I looked at everything differently.


Two feelings I appreciated the most,

Now gave me a reason to re-live pain.

Rain poured down,

So did my tears.

Clouds became gloomy,

So did my mood.


Now whenever this weather shows up,

I just remember you,

But that dancing girl still tinkers in my heart,

Bursting out to dance like before,

Smile like before.


But I can’t now,

Not now, not ever.

But in spite of all the sadness,

In spite of the torment,

I cannot help but gleam a little,

Not so worried anymore,

Not so taken anymore.


So let it rain,

And wash away this pain.

Ghost Of Her

Laughter into the night,

Oh! What a beautiful sight.

She makes me complete,

She makes me whole.


We talk about nothing and everything,

We dance around, we sing.

Vinyl records play,

Pizza boxes at bay.


Polaroid shots taken,

Her smile is mistaken,

For something true, for something real.


She is a portrait of innocence,

Is she an evanescence?


Daylight approaches,

And my question is answered.


There lies one glass rather than two,

There lies Polaroids of me,

Me looking happy, me looking at

The ghost of who was,

The ghost of what she is.


Her laugh resonates,

As my eyes fades,

Into the world of slumber,

Oh how I wish, I didn’t remember.




This Too Shall Pass.

Tough times are here,

No where to hide.

Tough times are here,

To scare us, no one to confide.


Being in the dark,

Crying in the corner,

Want to breathe,

But how do I rise, I don’t feel any stronger.


Breathe, Relax,

These terms are not helpful,

You’ll get though, It happens,

Just leaves me feeling resentful.


Cry, and cry some more,

Remember, you are letting out.

This is not a weakness, you are brave,

This is more than just you thought about.


It was worse than expected,

Worse than you imagined,

Life has downfalls,

But I didn’t realize it was a dark hole.


This too shall pass,

They all say.

This is a phase,

Is what they all say.


But life isn’t a movie,

Where struggles pass in a time-lapse.

This isn’t a motivational song,

Where you reach success by the end of it.


You have to take it step-by-step,

You have to face each day as it comes.


You may see progress,

You may face a setback,

You may look back,

And see how far you’ve come,

You may look forward,

And see you’ve moved a step.


This too shall pass,

They all say,

This too shall pass,

Words, to easy to play.


Amazing things are yet ahead,

But first overcome this,

Overcome now,

Beat the hell out of it.


Because how will you cherish the view,

If you didn’t break your back,

Travelling a path that isn’t askew.


Not Your Typical Introvert


I don’t always have my nose buried in a book,

You will not always find me hiding in a nook,

I like talking to people.


This is normal for me,

I’m not unstable.


I don’t have an outgoing best friend,

I may not even be good in studies,

I can be like you,

Addicted to TV,

Addicted to Sleep.


I don’t stay quiet all the time,

“Why are you so quiet”,

A daily chime.

When I talk, it comes as a shock,

When I don’t, you ask why I won’t…



I prefer staying alone,

That’s a given,

But when you isolate me to the bone,

Come on, I’m only human..


What’s wrong in wanting to stay alone?

Whats wrong in wanting to have some tranquility?


Give us a break,

Give me a chance,

Maybe I am someone,

Who you wouldn’t even give a glance,

But once you get to know me,

You would never want to leave.


We have a world of our own,

Which feels too safe and secure to disown,

But reality seems good once in a while,

When you stereotype us,

We don’t want to go that extra mile,

To make an effort, and open up,

Make an effort to show up.


Let us breathe,

Give us space,

We need some time to rejuvenate,

We some need time to create,

To prepare for our next interaction,

To go over every possible scenario,

And come up with a plan of action.


Don’t put us in the club,

Of the ones who don’t talk,

Realize the difference between being quiet,

And being an introvert,

Let me just tell you one thing,

I’m not your typical introvert,

So don’t you dare treat me like dirt.


Last Love.

We all find it special,

When we find our first love.

The first time we feel butterflies,

The first time that sparks fly,

Hold memories for a life time.


The first kiss,

The first date,

The first time you thought,

This was fate.


It gives you experiences,

You’ve never had,

And sadly most of the times,

Heartbreak you never wanted.



But what about that last love,

The love that sticks,

The love that makes you say,

“This is it.”

And the love that actually stays.


It in itself holds a fire,

That will never die out,

Holds happiness,

That you will never doubt.


Being someone’s first love is great,

Being someone’s last,

Is something to celebrate.


This is the one,

That will last all your life.

This is the one,

That will suffice.


So don’t worry,

If you haven’t found it now.

Don’t worry if you are struggling now.


There are plans for you,

Made by the universe.

Your story is set,

It is a curse that is in reverse.


Hold on,

And you will be rewarded,

Stay strong,

You will be regarded.


Bask in the warmth of the present,

Soak in the gift of today,

Wait with patience, as life goes by,

You last love will not be a goodbye…

The Best Is Yet To Come.

It takes a moment,

For the world to come crashing down.

But it takes a second,

For you to decide to stay strong.



The daylight brings in a stream of light,

It just takes a few object,

To dim that light.


But once you push those obstacles out of the way,

You will see that ray.


When we hear criticism,

We don’t want to move ahead.

When we face failure,

We wish that we were dead.


But what matters is that you keep going,

Without ever wondering about the ‘why’ and the ‘what ifs’.

Love yourself, and work hard.

Be yourself and you will be proud of your scars.


The best is yet to come,

Don’t you worry.

This time you are ready to become,

The ideal version of yourself.


Insurmountable tasks,

Turn into insignificant details.

Impossible ideas,

Will have logic that entails,

Considerable risks,

Blood,sweat and tears.

But don’t look back,

To tempt your fears,

To catch up with you,

And continue to haunt,

Continue to taunt,

What you used to be.


You are better now,

And its only going to improve from here,

Just remember one thing,

The best is yet to come.




Pushing Through

Late Nights,

Early mornings,

All are going to pay-off someday.


Long hauls,

Coffee breaks,

Lack of sleep,

Are going to pave the way.


To success,

To life.

For you to achieve,

What you have always dreamed of.


Those long hours,

With study breaks,

The destination still so far,

Do not give up now.


Motivation fades,

When results are a daze,

Keep working,

This is just a phase.


After dusk comes dawn,

Try to suppress that yawn.

If you give in now,

It all goes to waste.

If you sit down,

And continue on,

You will never have to be in a haste.


You will win,

You will succeed,

You will see light,

In spite of the shadows holding you back.


You will rise in spite of all those pulling you down,

Their malice going down with them.


This animus will help you,

Reform you, Ameliorate you,

Into someone worth hearing about,

Someone worth conversing about.


Your success story will become the inspiration,

Inspiration to someone’s sob story.

Your glory will become the statutory mention,

Anytime victory and triumph is brought up


All you have to do is Push Through now,

To break through and vow,

To never give up again.

All you have to do is allow yourself to move,

Ahead of others, ahead of yourself,

So that when your name is called,

All that’s left to do is

Take a bow…


Before It Began.

I wait.

1 Hour,

2,3,4 Hours.

Our fourth date, You didn’t call.


I stopped by your house and now….



5,6,7 Days.

I don’t move.

8,9,10 weeks,

I don’t know what to do.


I see.

All the people,

Go about their life,

Doing their work.

As if life isn’t falling apart.


I feel.


More void in me,

Than a black hole could ever contain.

More than anything else can retain.

I had developed feelings,

Thought we were falling in love.

Guess it was up to me to pick myself up,

Because you had fallen ,and now will never get up.


I want…

Who cares?

I wanted some happiness.

I had…

Some hope,

But now,

You lie dead,

I alive.


This love story,

Became unrequited before it could even begin.


A Dystopian Freak Show

We live in a world that gloats of democracy,

When in reality everyone truly thrives on hypocrisy.


Settling for mediocrity,

Is nothing new.

When one wants to step out of the boundaries,

They are shut up, with opinions that were never asked.


Too fat,

Too thin,

Look at your hair,

And that double chin.


Shouldn’t you be married by now?

What are you studying?

Why don’t you have a job?

There must be somethig wrong with her!


Mentally ill,

Whispered talks,

Physically ill,

What do we do doc?


You are never good enough,

When you are alive.

She was a beautiful soul,

They say when you die.


People just don’t stop talking,

Giving free advice to those who never asked.

People really don’t bother,

About what that person ends up doing in life.


Other’s success scares everyone,

Others failure enlightens everyone.


There’s nothing wrong with this world,

It’s just humans that need to be taught.


Moral science is treated like a joke,

Even to those teaching it.

Why should only inspirational speeches give you an insight?

Its like no one has any eyesight,

With what all that goes on in this world,

We need to be each others strength,

Not weakness.

Support, not a source of stress.


Working towards humanity,

Is much bigger than working towards a good snapchat,

Or Instagram,

Yet all I see is more dedication for that,

Then for anything else.


The kindness is dying,

It will not be abiding,

To these turbulent times,

And before you know it,

We will be what history books

Are trying to teach.

We will be what everyone warns while saying,

Don’t let the past repeat.


World War III used lightly,

But let me tell you something frankly,

There will come a day,

When human won’t fight against human,

There’s already too much of a rat race.

Cyber Bullying, School Shooting,

Places burning down to ash.

Bombings, Firings,

Everyone behind cash.


If you think something worse is yet to come,

Think again..