A Work Of Art

Me and You,

Fit so perfectly.

A piece of craft,

Made so carefully.


On the tough days,

The light of the sun hurt our eyes.

But on the best days,

We loved the beautiful skies.


Before there was an us,

We went on by in life,

So lonely.


We thought this idea of love,

Was for only dreamers and fools.

The idea of love,

Had no rules.


After we met,

Things came into perspective.

We realised,

Putting this journey in retrospective,

It never worked with anyone before,

Because it was never supposed to.


Remembering that part of life,

Remembering all those sleepless nights.

When we thought no one would love us,

And we would stay alright,

On our own.


It was because of then,

Because of those feelings,

I know the value of you

The wonder of you.


You are a work of art,

You fit in the places that I was broken.

You are a work of art,

That I marvel at for hours on end.





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