Me Again

I see him,

Even when he is not there

I feel him,

Even when the air around me stands still

I know his voice

Out of the millions ringing near

I know the design of his face

Even though I’ve never touched it.

His eyes

Tell me stories no one has ever heard

He talks a lot

But I hear what no one else does

He is the popular kid,

I’m the geek.

Everyone knows him,

I don’t think I even know myself.

He can charm anyone,

It takes me time to warm up to someone.

Polar opposites, Two peas of a different pod.

I don’t exist, he thrives,

Is there a future to this tale

Or is it destined to be an eternal flame

That will never distinguish,

But only on one side.

Sparks never flew on the other.

Maybe ten years down the line,

It’ll be different,

I’ll be healed from something that

Never existed in the first place.

I’ll maybe even find myself,

And look back thinking,

Maybe I did deserve better

And will get better

I’ll find love, so great,

This will cease to ever exist again.

I’ll find someone, who’ll make me realize

My potentialities, my strengths

I’ll realize who I used to be


I’ll be me again.


18 thoughts on “Me Again

  1. I was reading through and feeling..
    Aww. . how painful and wishing it to be an eternal flame sparkling from both ends and the conclusion got me wow! ✌

    “I’ll be me again” wow just wow girl.

    Liked by 1 person

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